Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Blog on A Winter's Day

Hi Everyone,
A moment if you will.
First, Ed Hoch, a man synonymous with both the American Short Story and Bouchercon. When I received his reservation for CHARMED TO DEATH it was a happy day in my house. A man who had shown me the Bouchercon experience was planning to attend. When I was introduced to Mr. Hoch I was amazed both by his generosity and my ignorance of a genre I cared enough about to immerse myself in for four days with no safety net. A prolific and honored writer of whom I knew nothing.
Of course I'd read Ed Hoch ,and with relish. But I didn’t realize just what he'd accomplished the first time he shook my hand and thanked me for being a mystery fan. Ed Hoch was a part of Bouchercon I was looking forward to and is now gone. Bouchercon shines a bit dimmer for me, Judy and Jon with the death of Soren Pedersen. Soren was dragged (gleefully) into mystery by our good friend Patricia. He opened up worlds for all around him, touching us all with a heart and a spirit that always said both "look around you" and "why do you feel that way". Soren contributed to this community in an understated and awe inspiring way. An organizer of Bouchercon Toronto and of CHARMED , Soren may not be someone everyone in the community knew but he will always personify what everyone should be. It's that heart thing, with joy wrapped up in it. He encouraged everyone to reach for the stars and if we only got as far as the neon lights at times, he found something wondrous in that accomplishment too. A fan of genre writers and fans alike, he was to
all who knew him a friend.

The Other Side of Life….

On the Business side of Charmed to Death, it would be a good idea to make your hotel reservations now if you are registered. Space at the host hotel is rapidly filling. Also, reservations are being entered as they come in, we are about 2 weeks behind your e-mails and paper due to travel on the part of, yes, moi. But I'll be at home base throughout most of February so if you are planning on attending and can, register now at the rate of $175 U.S. per person. Judy and I would love to have the largest base for the Anthony Award nominations ever.

People often complain that the nominations don't come soon enough. Then again they also complain that membership isn't allowed enough of a chance to participate. So here's our promise to all the wonderful people who participated in the Anchorage Bouchercon last year or who are registered for 2008 -CHARMED TO DEATH. By May 15th your nominations will be tallied, and a definitive list will be presented by July 15th.
I'd like everyone to look at the existing standing rules at Bouchercon Standing Rules

Let's create as much excitement for the Anthonys as we can. We are THE ONLY AWARD THAT COMES FROM AND OF THE FANS in all of mystery. This base includes all who are in our community, fans first then readers, writers, publishers, editors, book-sellers, reviewers, and librarians. This is the one we get together on. Let's make this year count. Boucher wanted it, Ed Hoch embraced the concept and Soren worked to make it happen.