Sunday, October 07, 2007

Alaska Rocks

For all of the mystery fans who were unable to attend Alaska's Bouchercon, may I say you missed something very special. It was an intimate Bouchercon in a spectacular setting. Even those who only had time for the con managed to get out and see nature like it isn't available in the lower 48.

Highlights for those of us who made it included the trip to Portage and the nature conservatory, the 26 glacier tour, the Mount McKinley Air Tour, Earthquake Park, and a fabulous bike ride found by Jonathan King which many took advantage of. Donna Moore rode an ATV. Many of us found unique experiences within a visage that cannot be described. I geeked out over the rock formations alone, never mind the giggles when I saw my first Beluga Whale.The authors who got to experience the bush were all excited by their experiences.

The convention itself was informative and efficiently run. Three tracks of panels that had everything a fan of the genre could want. I heard compliment after compliment. The general sessions were all Alaskan driven; with a welcome from the Governor and an Alaskan Blessing the opening ceremonies gave us all a jump start on three days of mystery immersion put together by women who love the genre completely.

The fact that this convention was smaller allowed me to spend time with folks I usually just get to wave at. So many highlights.....
Dinners at Sacks and the Marx provided dining experiences comparable to anywhere in the world. I got to Humpy's with Vicki and Brian, and spent a little bit of time with Greg Rucka f2f. I have to stop here because as ever, the brain regenerates various memories to get me through until next year's con.

I had a conversation at Bouchercon with next year's American Guest of Honor Laura Lippman while in Alaska. She said, "When you first asked me to be GOH it seemed so far away." It isn't any longer. It's our turn to put on the show. It is our desire to put on an event as well run as this year's. To fold Baltimore's rich history and the past and future of Bouchercon into the entity we call Charmed to Death. So thankyou Alaska Sisters in Crime. We have fabulous memories to get us through to October 13th, 2008.

And now our year begins in earnest...
Baltimore's Inner Harbor - The converted Power Plant

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