Sunday, April 30, 2006

Charmed to Death Indeed.

It’s Ruth again. I’m back with a few words on B-Con 2008. People are beginning to register and that’s great. People are reserving their hotel rooms and that’s great too. And in the instance of the Baltimore B-Con perhaps even better. Why, you ask?

It’s simple really. While scouting sites for the event I came up with two. Side by side, with space for our crew and the best part in my opinion……. panel rooms, hospitality suite, bars and bookroom all on the same floor. Then comes the negotiating. How many rooms do I have to take to get ALL of the SPACE? So here’s the deal. The magic number, the number on the original contract for the host hotel? 400. Yup I guaranteed them that at least 400 people are going to pay for a room in their hotel from October 9th through October 12th in 2008. In return they are giving us the space we need to celebrate our favorite books and our favorite people. The city of Baltimore and the Wyndham are both going to try and make this an event that everyone remembers. But in a year when rooms are at an optimum Judy and I have another play available. We can ask for more rooms up to a year out if we need them. I’m hoping we do. I want Charmed To Death to be a blowout. A Celebration of everything right within the world of mystery.

So if you’re pretty sure you’re going to go, if you know you want to attend but are hesitant about committing this far in advance? Don’t be. Call the Wyndham. Make the Reservation. 410-752-1100 ( ask for reservations). There is also a toll free number for outside the US 1-866-270-4518. Mention Bouchercon® 2008 for the room rate of $175.00 a night. Room rates are available for the nights before and after the convention as well. Take the opportunity to see this part of the country.

And if you can’t make it. You can cancel later, without penalty. The best of both worlds.

See you soon,