Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hotel Matters

Hi all,

Ruth Jordan here. I'm posting both late (concerns have been voiced)and prematurely since I have not sent this message to Judy for vetting (and believe me Judy and I are in this together), nor am I prepared to give you links yet. I blogged some time ago that our host hotel had changed mastheads. What was the Wyndham Inner Harbor is now The Sheraton City Center. Please note the name as there is also a Sheraton Inner Harbor (not our hotel) in Baltimore. The Sheraton CityCenter has become a Starwood hotel and undergone a makeover since my first visit. Last week Judy and I flew to Baltimore and met with the New Sheraton. We had concerns.

I'll apologize to everyone for not having Beth update the Charmed to Death Web site. As I type on, I know you'll all understand the why and agree that despite the inconvenience(the apology part) it makes good sense as there will be permanent information available shortly.

When the Wyndham became a Starwood Hotel the easy reservation system we had set up was fubbared. The reason? Starwood's policy is not to allow reservations until 15 months out. This has everything to do with individual conventions need for space and hard as it may seem to believe now will be to our advantage come the week of October 9th, 2008 when Charmed and Sheraton Center City will be one and the same.

It was wonderful of the hotel (under the Wyndham hotel masthead) to allow for reservations so early. And I'll reiterate an earlier comment I made elsewhere. The Staff (many of whom have gone through the change with us) were not intentionally misleading either us or any of their other existing accounts.

So the following may eliviate most of your concerns and should provide answers to the most significant of your questions. I appreciate the early interest all around and guarentee that, with Judy, I will try to make this a Bouchercon to remember on every level. I am available at the e-mail address at any time and almost always answer e-mail within 48 hours. Any concerns about any part of Charmed may be directed to my e-mail.


all people who made reservations at the Wyndham Inner Harbor when reservations were open.
1.) Your reservations are safe.
2.) Those who made reservations for Tuesday the 7th, Wed the 8th, or Sunday the 12th and failed to get convention rates with the Wyndham, your rates will be adjusted to the convention rate when the room blocks are increased.
3.) The rates are indeed 175 for a single, 195 for a double and 215 for three in a room.
(you will need to be registered with the convention itself by the time the convention begins for adjustments, as that isthe list that will be used)


For those who want to register promptly.

When reservations reopen in July you will be able to register with the hotel itself, at the 800 number and online. We will have the hotel page of Charmed up and running as soon as reservations can be taken.


the room rate a few lucky individuals were able to get in the past few weeks were an anomilly. This rate is no longer available to anyone, nor will it be taken away from the individuals who were fortunate enough to secure those rates. It was a glitch in the Starwood system that has been corrected. Of lesser concern to the fortunate (but of great concern to Judy and myself) our room blocks will be ammended to include those who lucked out and are registered for the Con itself.

Did I mention the big thankyou for all the early interest, as well as a heartfelt sharing of excitement and an empathy for your individual frustrations. I know that as exciting as Alaska will be it is not logistically possible for many to attend. I certainly realize that this has many looking forward to Bouchercon 2008 and wanting to finalize plans earlier than most years.

So, the website will be updated as soon as everything is back in play.

If you are indeed planning your trip itinerary I'll give you some early updates to keep under consideration:

Early registration will be available Wed the 8th.
The 2008 Bouchercon will begin at 8:30 a.m on Thursday Oct. 9th with a full block of panels.
There will be an opening ceremony on Thursday at Sundown.
We are scheduling events both early (until seven) and late (beginning at nine) on Friday the 10th.
Saturday evening is "free".
The convention will conclude with an Anthony Award Brunch on Sunday.

Thank you again, everyone for this groundswell of support.