Monday, August 07, 2006

B-COn 2006 Coming up Fast

Hello Everyone. Hey, Bouchercon 2006 is less than sixty days out! I for one am ready. I’ll be missing folks who aren’t going to make it and celebrating a some who will be there for the first time.


Thought I’d share some low-down on this year’s convention site. First there’s plenty of inexpensive and great dining. Sushi just across the alley from the Concourse. Nepali And Greek Restaurants just around the corner on State Street. It’s a college town and you’ll find plenty of Pasta up and down State Street. Subs too. Pizza? I did say it’s a college town. Madison also has some four and five star restaurants. Ask your concierge for recommendations. It’s Wisconsin so there will be at least on opportunity for ice cream on every block. My suggestion is that you take a little bit of a longer walk down to the end of State Street and visit Bascomb Hall at the University of Wisconsin if you want a real ice cream treat and a slice of this college town. Another not to miss University site is the Union Terrace. If the weather cooperates you could do a lot worse than sitting outside overlooking the lake and drinking really CHEAP beer and listening to live music. Coffee is the life blood of college students and in even greater abundance than ice cream.
The Sunday Brunch at the hotel is amazing. One of those bang up Hotel jobbies with the carving board, omelet station, Belgian waffles and 20 yards of desserts(hint use the large plate for desserts and the small plate for entrees).


Everything is here in abundance and CHEAP.
Shoes, clothes, music, liquor. I filled three shopping bags with work clothes in July and spent 100 bucks.You can go designer or bohemian, inexpensive or not. Hunting for the bargains is the best part.


And it’s a college town so you can get a drink with friends all along the way. in a bar, at a liquor store Alcoholic or not? Well it’s your Bouchercon!!
Some administrative stuff. Thanks to all who’ve signed up to come to Charmed to Death. Pay Pal is a wonderful thing. Please, if you use the PayPal option, don’t forget to send a registration form too. We’d like your info.

Many of you have attempted to register for the hotel and been told that they couldn’t find us listed. I’ve been assured by the Wyndham that there are no more problems but if you do have any, email me through the website. It’s uncommon for a hotel to start booking this far out and they ran into some software problems. Remember to ask for Registration and mention Bouchercon!