Thursday, October 02, 2008

So you

So you
thought you might
like to
come to the show.

Roger Waters everyone….

Our last short story nominee is up at Charmed to Death… Laura Lippman’s Hardly Knew Her from Dead Man’s Hand Harcourt edited by Otto Penzler now joins the others. Thanks to everyone for making this happen and Otto? Serious about the hero worship

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Yesterday goes down as one of those extremely memorable days. I did not get everything I wanted to done. But let me tell you Any Day I get to giggle with Charlaine Harris is truly memorable. What a week she’s having. And I didn’t know. I’m so embarrassed, so deeply buried in Bouchercon, I didn’t even know, and if you don’t know go take a look at the New York Times Best Seller List. Back? Charlaine Harris everyone. Give it up. When someone who has written such great books for as long as Charlaine has, who has made all those tough choices that writers do, for so long, has a week like this it feels like a win for the entire community.

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So I got to giggle with Charlaine. Pretty Great, right? Well then I got in the car and got to go to a book signing with Dennis Lehane. The Given Day is remarkable (and John P, I have your copy). But it was great just to see Dennis again. Three years is a long time, and the last time we saw one another was

at Bouchercon. In 2005

We’ve both had some remarkable years since then. And there was a store full of people at Richard’s . Folks who’ve loved his books from the very beginning and come back to every signing, and are as proud of Dennis as a parent could be. And with Every book he comes back to Mystery One to share with a room full of people who he appreciates so much, he comes to Richard’s store when there are any number of larger non Mystery stores who would love to have him. He does it for Richard and he does it for Richard’s customers. He’s truly one of the most fiercely loyal people I’ve met in my life.

In Vegas I remember sitting with Laura and Dennis and thinking to myself how remarkable the journey they had had since the first time I met them was. And now three years later? Wow.

So the last time I saw Dennis was at Bouchercon and the next time I’ll see him? Bouchercon 2008. See a couple of really good friends are guests of honor, and Dennis will be with us in Baltimore. Because that loyalty, that friendship it is fierce. I think it’s part of what makes him a great writer. I know it’s what makes him a great person.

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And then there was the hug from Sean. It’s good to have hugs from my friend Sean. It’s a bonus that he just happens to write books and they’re great books. Trigger City, the second in his series hits bookstores near you a week from next Tuesday. Sean Chercover, Jon Jordan and I stayed up way too late last night, talking, drinking, catching up. We hadn’t seen one another in way to long…. And So a day of mystery heroes and friends ended.

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I am at the airport, getting ready to leave. It’s been a long time coming. Stage two begins tomorrow bright and early. I’d like to let all the folks who were in contact with me anytime after 12:00 yesterday afternoon that I’ll be back to everyone by Saturday but these next few hours are for me and my husband, Jon. Do you know Jon Jordan? He’s the best friend, son, brother, husband and mystery champion I know. And he loves me.

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Tomorrow: Auction News (it begins at 9 pm Friday October 10th)
The Hospitality Suite and An Angel Amongst the Sisters
And anything else I can think of……


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