Friday, October 03, 2008

Walk This Way

Remember this member name.

Penny Clifton...


At my first Bouchercon, I stumbled into a room they called the hospitality room. I found this room purely by accident. I’d been to a reading by the wonderful Boston writer Linda Grant. As we all exited there was a queue to the room just across the hall and Dove Ice Cream Bars were being dumped onto the table and quickly devoured by the awaiting masses. I met Shirley Kennett in that room and Anne from PA.

At every Bouchercon since then (and I’m sure the ones before), there has been a hospitality room. And they are normally not easy to find. And here’s the thing…. (I’m throwing that in just for you John) Even if the hospitality room is easy to find; for some reason people think it is not meant for them. Members, you are Bouchercon and most decidedly everyone is always welcome in any hospitality room.

So word up, come visit the hospitality suite this year…. Sisters in Crime is making it possible for everyone and that very special sister Penny Clifton has worked long hours to give our membership a sampling of some of Baltimore’s home grown treats.

We’ll save it all as a surprise but it’s going to be a great room. The Hall of Fame Lounge is an inviting and comfortable room. Our secondary bar in the evening, it offers leather sofas and comfy chairs. The Billiard Table has been re-felted. There are tables to gather around and we hope that folks will stop by to participate in the official Bouchercon Blog. You don’t blog? We’ll type It for you, share an experience that’s making the con special for you. So many folks who planned to be here cannot be. Others who think they may like to attend one day are wondering what the experience is truly like… Let’s let them know what they’re missing, let’s share. During the day you’ll also be able to find giveaways from authors you either already know or should. What arrives in the end is unclear, but a variety of bookmarks, postcards and even chat books is expected. So come and browse, have a cup of coffee or a glass of water and … the aforementioned surprises.

We are only putting food out periodically but help us to run out this year. We’ll share our info with all future cons and hope to grow this, one of my favorite parts of Bouchercon.

And back to the Sisters. They have selected the foods that will be there, they will be represented throughout the duration of the con, staffing the hospitality suite Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are doing this as a thank you to our community. In 1986 a group of female writers were talking at a convention called Bouchercon in Baltimore Maryland and came up with a concept for a new organization. It would be called Sisters in Crime. 22 years later, I think we can safely say it was, is, and will be an important part of the mystery community forever.

And Judy and I thank you….. Sisters forever…..


Blogger Toni Kelner said...

Linda Grant is a wonderful writer, but I don't think she's a Boston writer. Did you perhaps mean Linda Barnes, a wonderful writer who is a Boston gal.

Sunday, October 05, 2008 12:21:00 AM  

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