Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why I love Judy Bobalik

I cannot count the ways. From the ground B-Con....

Well, I'd hoped Jon and I could sneak away, we had a chance to see the Library of congress via the wonderful Barbara Peters. I've never been within those halls and I should have realized, but I had to send one half of my Lifetime Achievement Winner a
"I'm so sorry" e-mail when she probably isn't even checking e-mails.
But, the book bags are DONE and I mean finished, the carroll can now turn into the signing room instead of the room with all those boxes....

And you know, the folks who came to us today and agreed to help without any stipulation for anything.. I love you all, really... all book bags full as I lay my head down? Brilliant.

I have to say, and I've done book bag stuffing before.. it's a far different animal when you move the books from a remote suburb, to the truck, from the truck, to the loading dock, to the prelim stuffing room, to the main room , boxes broken down..
i THANK EVERYONE , my bruises are well earned and your help? Invaluable....


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