Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Up Up and Away

Did you know Baltimore was the site of the first hot air balloon ride?

the first wave arrived in Baltimore last night. As we made our way to the hotel the Orioles-Red Sox game was just getting out. I mentioned to my cab mates that this was the first trip where the team was at home and I was disappointed not to be able to go. So we're going tonight!! My treat. This is too cool, an unexpected bonus. Buying tickets for this series on game day means nose bleed territory but that's okay, I think it's the same section where Munch caught the Yankee Fan dead body so long ago on Homicide.

Highly recommended for late night munchies while you're here. Michelangelo's Pizza. We fed and watered all four of us (Pizza Supreme 16" and Spicy Wings {10 piece} + six pack of soda for $30.00). The pizza was Chicago/New York quality, very garlicy, and had just the right amount of grease, the wings spicy and cooked through. And the wait? 25 minutes. Yummm

Off to work now, for you, our people


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