Monday, August 11, 2008

Of Volunteering

Hi All,

I sent out a mass e-mail just now to the folks who had expressed interest in volunteering for Charmed. Not many bounced but some did. So I thought I'd also put the note up on the blog, and share with the membership. Perhaps you wanted to volunteer and don't any longer, perhaps you weren't sure but would like to help now.... And if you're a member whose e-mail has changed since you regestered perhaps you might drop me a line.

For your consideration. As always if you'd like to be in touch email me at .

I loves the internets!!!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday ! Bouchercon is now two months away. So while Mike Phelps kicks butt in China Judy and I are working on Bouchercon.

You are getting this email because when you signed on for Bouchercon you generously agreed to Volunteer. Thankyou!

Question one for you, David and Cindy have asked me to reach out and find volunteers to help them with both the live and silent auction. If you are willing to help with either or both please get back to me. The live auction would entail setting up and whatever manner of running the auction chairs need to make all go smoothly. Your time commitment would be from about 6:30 Friday night to the end of auction. Our action chairs are very well organized and your help would be greatly appreciated. The silent auction needs a body of volunteers to man the tables in the dealer room, Running from 9:00 a.m. on Thursday the 9th until 12:00 noon on Sat the 11th. if you'd be willing to take a shift or two please let me know and I'll pass on your offer to the chairs

Question two. If you live near enough to Baltimore to make the trip downtown for a meeting the committee would love to meet up with you on Tuesday August 19th in a location to be determined. We will not meet in the hotel this time as they have a convention going on the first part of the week so we're thinking someplace fun. Perhaps in Fell's Point, an area I've fallen in love with over the last four years. If you could let me know by Wed the 13th I'll make arrangements.

Question three. While we are waiting for the panel blocks to be posted before we ask you to make a time commitment, if you are ready to make that commitment now please do e-mail with preferred jobs and times.

I've a list below. You'll note that the bag stuffing is not on here yet, Michael Dymmoch will be doing this for us.

Registration Desk- We will have the desk open from Wed through to the Anthony Award Banquet. Heavy Staffing is necessary on both Thursday and Friday due to the High holidays,

Room monitors- two hour time blocks with responsibility for one room, making sure water on the Dias, temperature and audio working properly and placards are positioned. also timekeeper for the moderator. making sure the panelists get to the signing area quickly and without fuss.

"Red Shirts" - we'll need folks for this one who'll be there from Wed on as you'll have to do a walk-through of the hotel. This position was suggested by Beth Tindall, you will be the folks who between panels are in the hallways and can answer questions for members about where things are, which room what panel is in, where's the dealer room, is the sky blue. And if you don't have the answer you'll have both Judy's and my number and we'll find an answer for that person. We will probably not go with red shirts but will have something to make you stand out in the crowd.

For the techies:

We will be blogging at the con and While I'm donating my laptop (since I've been doing the blog and have the simplest access) I need a group of people who blog and can help the folks who don't. So if you're willing to put in some time in the hospitality room please let me know.

Please let me know if you prefer not to receive further e-mails and I'll take you off of this list.

This e-mail comes to you from me due to an Indiana Tornado. Please note that my co-chair Judy fully intends to co-ordinate all volunteer schedules but because of time constraints re the auction and Baltimore meeting I am sending this e-mail. Of course both of us are available to and thank you for everything you’re doing and will do to make this convention a success.



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