Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresh off the Press

When World's Collide

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This is an excerpt from Newsarama's exclusive interview with Karen Berger, head of the new Vertigo Crime Line. Strangely, Baltimore is known for Berger Cookies.

KB: Vertigo has a lot of great writers and great stories, and Brian's association with the work he's done for Vertigo is very much in urban crime fiction. So when Vertigo Crime was coming together, we thought "why not go out with our most popular comics writer?"

NRAMA: Hey, you get my seal of approval. Let's take out our binoculars and look to the horizon – what's on the horizon for future Vertigo Crime books? You've mentioned that you've already got several in the pipeline.

KB: We've bought a bunch of material and we'll be announcing a pretty full slate at BoucherCon in Baltimore this October. As I mentioned earlier, there's an array of comics writers and fiction writers in the mix. Some people who're well known and some people who aren't. There's a good mixture of different talent. A majority of material is set in the present time, but there may be one or two period pieces representing.

Wonder who we'll be hearing from next........


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