Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When the Weather Gods Step In

Hi All,
Well the good news is that Judy, her husband, and all the cats are fine. The bad news is they are now going into day three with no power. Storms ripped through Indiana the other night and as Judy sat on her computer finalizing the panel grids she heard a sprinkle and then a true downpour. There was a sharp noise (the transformer behind her house), and then there was blackness. A noise on the roof. Sometimes things come up. In this case trees fell down. On the roof. blocking the driveway and the front door.
Wednesday brought the sound of chainsaws to the Munster community, and cleanup continues. Judy and her neighbors have all been pitching in together. No electricity until tomorrow p.m earliest, which means panel placement is on hold until the power comes up. We hope the delay will prove to be a short one once we're up and running. Judy promises photos of home when possible, for now you can see a bit of the storm here

If you've tried to e-mail either Judy or in the last few days and have a situation that needs to be immediately addressed please feel free to e-mail me at ruth at We'll get you sorted asap.


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