Thursday, August 14, 2008

On the Lighter Side

So one of the chores on my to do list was going to the bank. Our neighborhood branch is is a beautiful building. If they ever decided to move out I think I'd try and talk Jon into buying it , I'm not sure if the standing safe would be the library or the bedroom but it has the advantage over our place of skylights and no steps. I digress. This missive is actually about the power of Mystery in our everyday lives.
I pulled into the parking lot and every space was full. I scooted into the ally with my Ford Ranger and alas, neighbors had parked that area up to. Everyone, it seems was banking. So I did something I rarely do and beelined for the business line. and then....... just ahead...... A young, very attractive man, in hot topic pants and a Hanes wife-beater. The gentleman had tats running up and down both arms (beautifully done, must have cost a fortune). There were three tellers helping him. My go mode is effectively stopped at this point and I settle in for a wait. I'm trying to respect his privacy so I concentrate on the tats. As I run to the top of his bicep I'm distracted(and no, not that). There's a scar right at the top of his spine. It looks like a healed over bullet wound.
For the next several minutes multiple scenarios run through my mind, the same ones that would run through all of yours. The best though was when the teller counted out several thousand dollars inn hundred dollar bills. Enough to make my eyes go blurry. He promptly put that money in the pocket of his oversized hot topic pants, thanked the tellers apologized to me for the wait and went on his merry way.
Mystery, it's not just a convention, or a book, sometimes it's what gets you through long lines and periods of waiting.
I know there was a story there but I'm thinking it isn't nearly as nefarious as any of the ones I came up with,


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