Friday, August 15, 2008

Robert Rosenwald & Barbara Peters are being honored for their foray into publishing this year. In 2004 Poisoned Pen Press was strong and their formula seemingly obvious (publish books you want to read). In the intervening years many small presses have gone and some have arrived. All have made contributions to the genre. None, more so then this team from Scotsdale. That they do it while also having their finger in every other pie continues to amaze me. Yesterday I was thinking to myself, "Wow, what made you so certain PPP would still be in existence, with the turnover in small presses?" I then laughed at myself, it's the people running the press. While Robert handles most of the business, Barbara works with the authors. It's a winning combination.
So today, if you're of a mind visit the pair and the body of work they've managed to put together for we, the readers at Poisoned Pen Press.
And may I suggest you also visit Barbara's interview with "Continuing Contribution to the Genre" recipient, Lawrence Block. Amongst other talents, lady gives great interview.


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