Friday, September 05, 2008

Where did the Week Go?

Hey everyone,

I'm getting a little busy. But I realized I haven't been on the blog for a week and wanted to stop in to say hi and give you updates on a few matters.

First, for all of you who haven't read Ms. Laura Lippman's Letter this month, there is additional dining advice supplied for attendees by our American Guest of Honor at the end of a very good piece on writing itself. And be sure to check out her serialized story in the New York Times this Sunday.

Going, Going ...... I have two folks who need to withdraw from the con but are willing to release their rooms to individuals. Are you homeless? Be in touch. Quickly.

Today, I got John Harvey's new book in the mail, looks like I'll be reading tonight. I promise a report, Resnick on the weekend, what could be better? So no e-mail please (just kidding).

I'm going to ask everyone to continue to check the the attendee list. We've had some great additions to the list as well as a few withdrawals that have me deeply saddened. It is the nature of things that life happens and I know this is going to be great, but it's very sad not to share Bouchercon with everyone you've been planning on sharing it with. I'm making Jon take his Birthday off. Hell, I'm making myself take his birthday off. I cannot remember the last time we had a non-Bouchercon conversation....

I have sent out the last batch of refund checks... all those who withdrew by the 1st of September should be receiving a check.

And now it's story time. This is a great Story so I hope you don't mind me sharing.
My family is great and entirely supportive of this journey Jon and I are on. They've given up their daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, until October 13th. But, on Wed I got to hang with sister Paula and brother Pete for the first time in months. And as it happened writers Marcus Sackey and Joe Konrath were in town. Now, Jon and I had known that Marcus and Joe were coming for awhile, and we ended up hooking up with them for drinks and dessert after their signing at Mystery One. My brother had never seen Jon and myself in the mix as it were, and Peter went into this with god-given Irish skepticism. And as we all compared recent reads, talked about movies and baseball and music, rehashed old stories and just caught up with one another, I saw Peter visibly relax. The little brother who's always been overly protective of his "Chick" and has accused me of being too much of a joiner since I was eight and had a bad experience with the Brownies, for the first time, was able to comprehend that my "Mystery Community" isn't just something I give to, but something I receive from. So special thanks to Richard, Dave, Joe and Marcus. A night to remember in the Flannery Clan. My brother, the fantasy reader, has given mystery his seal of approval.

And everyone in Baltimore, good luck with the weather this weekend.


Anonymous B.G. Ritts said...

Happy birthday, Jon!

Saturday, September 06, 2008 10:24:00 AM  

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