Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lunchtime Follies

From Ray Charles Everyone!!

Prithee, One, Two, Three, Four, Five,
Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Gadzooks, and
Prithee, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta,
Bend thy back, and pull in thy belta.
And by gums, by gees, by gollys,
Work ye out in ye Lunchtime Follies.

Instead of lunch-we get ye Lunchtime Follies.

This is station B-O-S-S
Teaching you to-

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I give you lunchtime relaxation
So you won't need a summer vacation.

Prithee, One, Two, Three, Four, Five,
Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Gadzooks, and Eleven.

Today the boogie-woogie has become a bugaboo.
We swing from swing to saccharine,

From saccharine to goo-
To the sentimental singer with a sentimental song.
Our monarch is a crooner and our king can do no wrong.

Eating part 2.....

So there are a lot of places close to the hotel but if em you'd like to get away from the convention for a bit......

Here are 2 for You:

The Lexington Market is located 4 blocks from the hotel. There's something for everyone in this chaotic and centralized market place including the Famous Faidley CrabCakes , consistently ranked "the best of" . one long time Baltimore Resident mentioned to me the other evening "Other's threaten to take the top spot but Faidley's prevails." If you're in a mixed group gather up everyone else's lunch first, finish up at Faidleys and when you all are done leave by the Faidley's exit. There are tables aplenty outside the Market on both sides of the street. when done head back to Fayette but not the hotel. Take a right and two blocks up you'll be at Westminster, where Mr. Poe is buried. The grave yard here celebrates it's most famous corpse but if you take the time to explore you'll find a myriad of American History. John Calhoun's grandfather is here and so is a family that tried for years to have a child..... I'll let you find the rest of the story..... I believe it will take more than the hour we've set aside for lunch but I can guarantee it's worth the time.

When I did breakfy the other day, someone inquired about the Hollywood Diner and it's only a short walk, but the Media Place for me has got to be Jimmy's Diner in Fell's Point. Where the cops on both Homicide and The Wire went to eat or grab coffee while talking Life on the Streets. I suggest the Jim Dandy. And here's your day planner at work. Take the walk to the Inner Harbour and grab the Water Taxi over to Fell's Point. For nine dollars a day you can get anyplace on the water by these boats (not suggested in bad weather). Stop at Jimmy's, drift up the two blocks to Mystery Loves Company. Kathy Harig is offering a discount to everyone who shops her store during the convention, just have your badge. Peruse the shelves and pet the cats and head on back. Maybe coffee at the Daily Grind, maybe a drink in the bar owned by Meldrick, Bayliss and Munch, a pic in front of the "Police Station" and back to Charmed to Death.

so again two from me to you,



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