Saturday, September 27, 2008

a real countdown

We are getting close enough to countdown on just 2 hands. Ruth and I will be in the air Thursday this coming week and on the ground that night. So the scramble around the Jordan house to make sure we have all our ducks in a row is as you might imagine rather like prepping for the D-Day invasion. It's been a long time since I packed for a trip of two weeks. I think it was camp.

A couple of things.

If anyone is in the Baltimore area, or more specifically the Westminster area and have some time on Sunday the 5th and may be interested in helping us load a truck with all the goodies for the book bags could you get in touch with us before Wednesday? You can reach me at

We have four people so far, but another two or three would make this go a lot quicker.

There are a lot of really cool books that have been donated.
In addition to the book bags there will be some panels that give out books as well.

A number of people have asked about how to dress for different things. My thought is to dress comfortable. I'll be dressing up a bit for the Anthony Brunch on Sunday but other wise I'll be dressing casual.


We have Bouchercon t-shirts, one design, two colors to chose from. They will be available for $20.

The program books are done and we got a sneak peek. I have to say the Jim Barker out did himself on the cover, they really look nice. A special thanks to those who contributed and to Martine for doing such a great layout. And Digital Graphics for printing so fast and so well.

Ok, I'm off to pack. See you soon!



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