Monday, July 21, 2008


On being 70....
So it's my mother-in law's birthday. Karen Jordan has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her. Some of you have met. Karen has attended two Bouchercons. Madison, where she bopped in and out for the day... and Alaska.
While many of Bouchercon's membership decided not to attend the event last year... for either financial or time constraints, those of us who did go had an intimate experience... and the best setting that will ever be. Karen and Jon's dad had always wanted to go to Alaska. Karen going was a dream realized by the entire family.
She loved the locale and I will always remember Karen, Jen4 and myself setting out for our sightseeing tour. I'll always remember Dana Stabenow taking the time on Anthony night to talk to one of her biggest fans about Alaska and her books. And yes, I'll remember forever the poor gentleman who was VERY interested in getting to know her better. When you have friends who write crime fiction.... well.... they can be very protective of Mother.

But today it's 70. With kids like Jon, Jen, Paul and Dianne, it's been tempestuous, active and very rewarding. I look at Armand and Karen's children and I see great individuals. I also see two people who raised their children to believe in dreams and supported them every step of the way. Karen is a mother who believes that ceilings belong only in buildings and that her Children are the best group ever. I tend to concur.
And today I celebrate a class act who's been in my corner from the day I met her, folding me into her brood with open arms and celebrating every major event in my life for the last ten years. So shout out people.... for Karen, keeper of kitties and kids..... and the best mother-in-law ever.



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