Saturday, May 17, 2008

From the Front

Bouchercon News!!

Hi all. Thanks to all for the number of early registrations. We are well on our way to a great Membership for 2008. People have not only registered early but they’ve booked their hotel rooms as well and as a result the Sheraton City Center is now full. There is space in the Radisson . Remember to mention Bouchercon-Charmed to death for the room rate of 175 a night (single)/195 a night (double). The two hotels are literally side by side and have a 15 yard walkway connecting them which leads right onto the events floor.

The deadline for submitting selections for the Anthony Awards is passed. We have begun to tabulate your nominees and offer thanks to all who participated. It was a gratifying percentage of the membership. For John’s peace of mind I ask everyone to refrain from trying to submit votes. We will announce our nominees on the 1st of June.

We’ve been working on the auction and just this week the remarkable Janet Costello has had to withdraw as our Auction Chair for personal reasons. She will still be attending the big dance and I’m sure we’ll all want to be as generous as the mystery community always is.

Finally, Judy and I have to thank all the organizations and publishers who’ve offered sponsorships, the writers and mystery experts who’ve offered to be on panels and the many individuals who’ve offered ideas, suggestions, their time and their support.



Blogger Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

The Raddison has sleep number beds.

I'm a 40.


Monday, May 19, 2008 6:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca B. Swets said...

I'm sharing with a friend from Milwaukee, I guess we're in the main hotel. I have to say I'm really looking forward to this conference a bit more than I have in the past few years. First, it's in Baltimore, it's got Laura L. and everything Baltimore has to offer; I'm writing more than ever lately, and hope to have my manuscript at least in first draft form for the conference.

But the main reason I love Bouchercon isn't the writer stuff, it's the writers themselves, my friends, some of whom I've know for nearly 12 years now, and I love them all. Can't wait for the poker game, Gary, but watch out! I've been practicing!

Rebecca B. Swets, Boca Raton, FL

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 3:23:00 PM  

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