Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Final- A bouchercon Memory

Today's visitor is Natasha Cooper. When I read the following memory I was amazed. Why? Well it seems like this wonderful woman has always been a part of my Bouchercon experience. Time is optional it seems when it comes to the big show. I'm really happy I'll be seeing her this year.
Her next novel, A POISONED MIND will be published in the summer. American Guest of Honor Laura Lippman says of the book,'Simply gorgeous - a smart, complex, grown-up entertainment that rewards the reader on every page. Intricate in plotting, deft in characterization, it is one of the best legal thrillers I have ever read.' You can find Natasha

Natasha Cooper:
My first Bouchercon was Denver. The matchless Barbara Peters had told me that, as chair of the British Crime Writers' Association, I really had to go to Bouchercon. Full of trepidation, sure that in the thousands there I would sit on the sidelines like a stranger at a party, I booked, arrived, registered and shiveringly entered the fray.The first thing that happened was that a fan peered at my name tag and almost shrieked: 'Natasha Cooper! That's great!' She proceeded to tell me which of my novels she'd most liked and why. We were soon joined by other readers and writers and I felt instantly at home.Later, I discovered my signing table was next to Lee Child's and trepidation started all over again. But again I was in for a lovely
surprise: a long, long line of people with books they wanted signed.I felt welcomed, warmed, and wanted. Fabulous! I can't wait for Baltimore, a city I've never yet visited. See you there, I hope.

See you on the weekend,


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