Monday, March 10, 2008

Bouchercon Memories -The Monday Edition

Today is the first day post "The Wire". I'm feeling especially close to Baltimore today and wanted to share the memories of someone from there. So today's memory comes from Dave Magayna. Dave is one of mystery's biggest fans and a hell of a reviewer too. Enjoy and we'll see everyone tomorrow- Ruth

In 1997, Cindy Tambourine (then my fiance, now my wife and always a source of inspiration and fascination)and I were vacationing on the Left Coast. We started in Napa Valley, stayed a few days in San Francisco,and then headed down to Monterey for Bouchercon.

After checking into our room at the conference hotel,we went in search of friendly faces. We found Chris Aldrich and Lynn Kazcmarek in a bustling room with long tables covered with books and people engaged in a chaotic maelstrom of activity. Once I introducedCindy, we were encouraged by Chris and Lynn to pitch in and help stuff book bags. We worked side-by-sidewith the other mystery-crazed volunteers until the stacks of books had become stuffed book bags and wewere exhausted. It was a great introduction to Bouchercon and the community of mystery readers/volunteers that make it great year after year.

Then we went and grabbed a few beers, another great Bouchercon tradition.


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