Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We're back !

Hello everyone,

after a too long hiatus, the Charmed to Death Blog is back.

First I’d like to offer some congrats to our guests of honor/honour.

Laura Lippman has made the New York Times Bestseller list. Rising from number eleven to ten WHAT THE DEAD KNOW is allowing all of the U.S. reading public to read a voice the Mystery Community has known was special for a long time. We’ll gladly share.

John Harvey has been awarded the Diamond Dagger, Britain’s highest criminal award. Celebrate. Rejoice. As the list of D. D. recipients shows, cream does rise to the top. Nobody deserves a place on this list more than Harvey, one of mystery’s rarest gems.

And now on to business. For those of you unaware. Our host hotel the Wyndham recently raised a new banner and is now the Sheraton Baltimore Inner City Hotel.
  • Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel

  • With a multi-million dollar face lift, this hotel promises to be better than when we first imagined holding mystery’s biggest convention there.

    For those of you who are trying to make reservations for the hotel know that the numbers on the web site are not correct and will be updated shortly. Also, though the hotel itself has tried they will be unable to take additional reservations until later this year. We will let you know when. For those of you who have already placed reservations they are set, they are recorded and they will remain intact. The good news is that at the time of shut down we were already well on our way to filling our block.

    Judy and I must thank this entire community for its support. You’re making our job easy.

    If anyone has any concerns about reservations or the hotel our sales representative at the Sheraton is Angie Martin. Angie will answer any individual inquiries. Angie and the entire staff of the Sheraton are looking forward to doing their part to make this an unforgettable Bouchercon.

    Angie’s contact info (which she suggested be put on the blog, bless her for the above and beyond commitment) is:

    Angie Martin | Director of Sales - Sheraton Baltimore City Center
    101 W. Fayette Street I Baltimore I Maryland I 21201
    telephone 410.385.6550 | facsimile 410.727.6223

    Next week a look at our selected charities from Judy Bobalik.


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