Monday, September 18, 2006

update: Sept 18 2006

Hello again from the homeland. Well, I’ve a few news notes on Charmed to Death. First we are getting the committees in order.

Our Anthony Award committee is set. We’ve asked and been able to appoint Patricia and Soren Pederson (who’ve done it before) and John Purcell (who agreed to do anything). We all agree that balloting will end at 12:00 noon the Saturday of our convention.

There will be news soon on the panel committee and our designated charities.

Mike Bursaw is our Dealer Room Chair. Mike runs Mystery Mike’s in Indianapolis and has been in the dealer room for the last several years. We will have an info page for potential dealers up shortly after the Madison Convention has ended.

Chairing a Con is a tricky thing. As we all get ready to descend upon Madison we must begin to look forward to and support Alaska in 2007. I know I’m looking forward to seeing Anchorage and am sure that Dee Ford and Dana Stabenow will make sure we all have a damned fine time. As the co-chair of 2008 I want all the folks who’ve made Bouchercon a part of their lives to have Moose and bush pilots on their minds for the next 13 months. At the same time I want people to know that Baltimore is well in hand. I hope you do and I hope this blog is helpful.

Ruth Jordan


Anonymous John P said...

"...agreed to do anything"?

That sounds vaguely pornographic.

I like it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 7:56:00 PM  

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